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At 7:30am every morning, we will broadcast the day's Louisiana Lottery Reason to Smile. The first caller to correctly provide the "winning number" contained in it will receive the prize pack.
  • $1 Play OH!
  • Louisiana Treasures
  • $2 (six scenes)
  • $5 Celebration!
  • Anniversary T-Shirt and keychain

Reason to Smile #1:
The Louisiana Lottery transferred more than $2.4 billion for K-12 public education since it's inception!

Reason to Smile #2:
More than $3 billion paid to lucky Louisiana Lottery winners in its 20-year history!

Reason to Smile #3:
There have been 14 Louisiana Lottery Powerball jackpot winners to date!

Reason to Smile #5:
35% of Louisiana Lottery sales benefit our state - the highest percentage of any lottery in the nation

Reason to Smile #6:
Power Play increases your Louisiana Lottery Powerball prize up to 5 times for just $1!

Reason to Smile #7:
More than 200 Louisiana Lottery Lotto Jackpot winners to date!

Reason to Smile #8:
Powerball offers the largest starting jackpot in the world - $20 million!

Reason to Smile #9:
Play Louisiana Lottery's Pick 3 every day and win up to $500 every night!

Reason to Smile #10:
Play Louisiana Lottery's Pick 4 every day and win up to $5,000 every night!
If you are contemplating using radio to deliver your advertising message, we'd like to help you make informed decisions. Here are some of the advantages for using this popular medium.

Americans are on the move, they are listening to radio in their cars. Radio is considered the "mobile medium."

In-Car Listening Facts:
Arbitron is the ratings firm that surveys and analyzes radio usage. A recent national Arbitron sponsored In-Car Study found that 96% of those who have driven or ridden in a car in the past month have used the car radio. More than 80% of 35-64 year olds say they spend most of their time with radio.

Highlights of the Arbitron National In-Car Study
  • Americans are in their cars an average of 15 hours per week, up 14% from 1990 to 2000.
  • The average commute to work is now 51 minutes round trip.
  • 39% say they spend more time in the car now than a year ago.
  • The greatest percentage of increase in time-spent-commuting is often in small and medium size markets.
  • In-car listening averages 2 hours and 12 minutes weekdays, and 2 hours and five minutes weekends.
  • Men spend more time in cars on weekdays. It's about even between men and women on weekends.
  • Since 2000 in-car radio listening has increased.
  • 43% say they leave their car radio set to one station.
  • Almost all in-car listening is to pre-set stations. People rarely change their pre-sets.
  • Radio's audience size continues to grow. Not only with in-car listening, but at the office too.

For the advertiser as well as the listener, radio is everywhere reaching virtually everyone. Radio works 24/7, 365 days a year. Think about it, how many businesses do you visit where a radio is playing?

A distinctly user-friendly medium, radio gives advertisers the speed, flexibility, and immediacy needed to compete and excel in today's highly competitive and oft-times cluttered marketplace.

Call Now and put radio to work for your business - 318-388-2323!

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