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John Reynolds
John Reynolds: Monday - Friday 5am - 9am
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I have to be at work at WHAT TIME!
Toby Otero
Toby Otero: Monday - Friday 5am - 10am
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After all that you want more???
Toby-O is originally from a small town south of New Orleans, Louisiana called Lafitte. There, he worked a number of different jobs: He worked on a shrimp dock, in a grocery store, in a restaurant, in a pawn shop, at a couple of television stations and on a couple of films. He graduated from Fisher High School in Lafitte and then NLU/ULM in Monroe. Most recently, after disappearing for a number of years (he worked at other radio stations), he found himself here at K-104!
Lisa Hale
Lisa Hale: Monday - Friday 10am - 2pm
Brush the cobwebs from your daydreams, Justin Hayward
I have been north and south; east and west. No matter where I was born or where I lived; people have said that I am a Southern Lady all the way. Well, I don't know about "Lady," but I know that I have the south in my blood. I'm Country and Rock; refined and redneck; quiet and loud; smart and silly. I'm in a constant flux. I wouldn't have it any other way. Would you? I live in Monroe with my fella and his 9-year-old son. My Sister and her husband and their two sons live in Bastrop.
Carl Bamburg
Carl Bamburg: Monday - Friday 2pm - 7pm
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Just listen to the Carl Show, it'll all come out eventually
Lee Haynes
Lee Haynes: Sunday 6am - 8am
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100,000 watts of local Gospel music
Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter: Monday - Friday
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Some make their name in front of the mike or camera . . . others do it as a producer, writer or technician. Jimmy Carter has done them all! Jimmy's life can best be described as someone who's been sitting on the front row. From covering Presidents to Hollywood stars and lots of things in between.
Crazy Country Nights
Crazy Country Nights: Monday - Friday 6pm - 12am

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